A guide to aromatherapy and essential oils

Aromatherapy, or the art of using essential oils and other aromatic compounds with the aim of improving health and well-being, has its roots in our most ancient civilisations. This age-old practice taps into some of the most powerful elements of the natural world and is often called upon to create a sense of balance and calm in living spaces.

Essential Oils | Elä Life

Now commonplace in the world of self-care and beauty, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the information that surrounds aromatherapy and lose sight of its simple purpose. We’ve put together a guide to help you explore the benefits of essential oils and to give you ideas of ways you can introduce them into your home.

What are essential oils and what are the benefits?

The essential oil is the ‘essence’ derived from the flowers, peels, leaves, seeds and roots of particular plants. Inhaling the aromas of these oils can help stimulate our limbic systems, the part of your brain that affects your emotions and behaviours, as well as some unconscious physiological functions such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure.

 Essential Oils benefits | Elä Life

Aromatherapy can help with a variety of emotional and physical conditions including, alleviating pain, aiding in digestion, improving focus or promoting restful sleep, with many essential oils performing more than one of these functions. By knowing the benefits of these oils, it is possible to create a ‘personalised’ blend to suit every mood and moment of the day.

How we use essential oils at Elä Life

To ensure you are getting the most from powerful plants, we only use 100% natural essential oils in our products. Some of our favourites include those found in geranium, rosewood, pine needle, clary sage and ylang ylang. Our range has been created specifically to help you transition through your day as seamlessly as possible.

 Essential Oils | Elä Life

How to choose essential oils throughout the day

Our fragrances have been designed with the full day in mind; taking you from when you wake in the morning to when you’re preparing for sleep. Each blend has been carefully crafted to not only fill your space with beautiful aromas, but also to meet your needs at key moments of your day.


  • Begin No 1 - An uplifting combination of geranium, dill, bergamot and bay, this bright blend is designed to boost your mood first thing in the morning, giving you energy and a positive mindset for the day ahead.
  • Nurture No 2 - With geranium, petitgrain and frankincense, this fresh and lightly floral fragrance is for those self care moments, perfect for when you need to nurture and nourish your mind and body and helping you to cleanse your mind and start again.
  • Pause No 3 - This refreshing mix of vetivert, rosewood, pine needle and fir will transport you outside with the scents of fresh cut grass, woodland walks and fresh air, allowing you a moment to pause, breath and feel refreshed.
  • Grounded No 4 - With warm, woody notes of black pepper, nutmeg, clary sage and cinnamon, this blend conjures up the smells of rustic autumn and will help you relieve daily tension and leave you feeling grounded and centred.
  • Rest No 5 - A calming combination of clary sage, ylang ylang and petitgrain, this pleasing blend will bring peace and balance to the end of your day, helping you wind down and prepare for a good night’s sleep.


Elä Life is about being intentional throughout your day. Each time we stop, pause and reflect, we are focusing the mind, renewing our bodies and giving ourselves permission to take on our daily tasks with a refreshed mentality.

Whether you choose a candle, a diffuser or a product from our skincare range, each blend of essential oils and natural ingredients has an intention, designed to meet every mood or moment of the day.