Elä Life is a commitment to living well throughout the journey of life by embracing self-care and practicing the art of self-love. Everything we do, and everything we create, is inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavia.
When our founder, Anna, set out to create a beautiful brand, little did she know where the journey would take her. As part of her 2nd year of a Textile Design Degree at Winchester School of Art, she spent 3 months in Norway and connected with a new outlook on the world. As she immersed her senses in the depths of winter and marvelled at the many candles that are staples of Norwegian living, she knew she had found a creative foundation.
To this day, Elä is connected with wholesome living and Scandinavian simplicity through a quintet of essential oil blends. Each one is personally hand blended by Anna and designed to provide an intuitive lift at a key part of your daily journey. These fragrances have since found places for expression in daily touch points such as candles, fragrances and skincare.
When it’s time to live well no matter where life takes you, Elä Life is an expression of everything that makes this practise possible.