How to transition from winter to spring: wellness

The gentle shift between winter and spring is one of the most enchanting times of the year. White blossoms begin to appear on trees, birds sing louder, the sky seems bluer and the sun leaves a soft warmth on skin. And, as we say goodbye to a long winter, we also welcome the chance to take a moment to pause, reflect and begin preparations for sunnier days.

 How to transition from winter to spring: wellness

So, as well as packing away our jumpers and booking hopeful flights to far away places, we can use this time to shake off any bad habits we may have fallen into and start afresh. Here are a few ideas to help you to move out of winter and feel prepared to take on the rest of the year.


Breath in fresh air

As we wave goodbye to the cold months, it’s finally time to get outside. It doesn’t need to be hours of hiking but getting just a few minutes of fresh air a day is hugely beneficial for brain function and focus. Plus, as the sun gains strength, it’s a good opportunity to start soaking up some much needed vitamin D.

How to transition from winter to spring: wellness

Balance it out

Keeping balance in all areas of your life is key to upholding good habits, and nowhere is this more important than on your plate. It’s easy to forget that maintaining a balanced diet, staying hydrated and taking the required vitamins is necessary to give your body everything it needs to get you through the day. Why not try making a plan for the week to ensure you’re achieving the right balance (and reducing food waste at the same time).


How to transition from winter to spring: wellness

Clear your space

Nothing clears the mind like a clean house. In preparation for brighter, fuller days, this time of year is perfect for clearing out the old and making room for the new. Whether it’s the kitchen cupboards or the drawer you always ignore, start by making a list of each area you want to refresh and work through each item one day at a time.


Sleep it off

Sleep is a basic requirement so many of us struggle to get enough of. A good night's sleep is crucial for overall health and well-being; it boosts your mood, aids concentration and prepares you for the day ahead. Reading a book, meditating, lighting a Rest candle, journaling, gently stretching and avoiding screens are all proven ways to help welcome a better night’s rest.


How to transition from winter to spring: wellness

Move it all around

With the season for productivity and playful energy is just around the corner and we move out of the cold, restful inwardness of winter, it’s time to wake up the body. Start with small steps to help your body prepare. Try walking a little further each day, stretching as soon as you wake up in the morning or practicing some gentle yoga to get you in the mood for bigger and better things.

 How to transition from winter to spring: wellness

Whatever steps you take to transition from winter to spring, remember to ease yourself into it. Take your time, enjoy each moment and if you’re not quite there yet, then read our guide to the rituals that got us through lockdown to keep you going until you are.


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