The Enjoyment and Benefits of Forest Bathing.

There’s nothing quite like being in nature. Whether you choose to dwell in the city or like to spend your days in the countryside, there’s no denying the healing effects that the woods and the forest can have on us mentally and physically. The outside world suddenly goes quiet and you find yourself reverting to an almost child-like state of wonder and curiosity.

Spending time in nature does something for the soul - something that words can’t quite describe. Something that the Japanese call “forest bathing” or “shinrin-yoku”. But what exactly is forest bathing and why is it so beneficial for our health? While the practice of existing in nature has been around since the beginning of time, the term “forest bathing” only emerged in the 1980s in Japan to describe the physiological and psychological exercise of immersing yourself in the great outdoors. It is thought to have emerged in response to the tech boom which left many people feeling disconnected and burnt out. People were craving something authentic. Something real. People wanted time away from technology to reset, recharge and feel whole again.

Using forest bathing as a form of therapy quickly gained popularity throughout the world. Why? Because people found out that spending time in nature is actually really good for you! It’s not limited to the depths of the forest either - forest bathing is a practice that can be done in any natural environment where you allow yourself to connect with the world around you. Take it slow, engage your senses, put away your electronics and just “be”.


Forest bathing has many benefits - most notably lowering the leading stress hormone in our bodies - cortisol. It also helps improve concentration, boosts your immune system, improves your mood and fuels creativity. There’s a reason why people often suggest going for a walk if you find yourself in a blue mood. Connecting with nature lets you pause life for a moment and lets you enjoy the world around you.

Don't forget to fully connect with nature and release endorphins by walking or running bare foot on grass or soil. This act of grounding yourself is essential to help fight free radicals, realign your body and mind, improve electrical activity in your brain and many other health benefits. These include improved sleep, reduced inflammation, improved tissue and cell repair, enhanced blood flow and increased heart rate variability.

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