The Power of Scent Within the Retail Environment.

When stockists ask us how we recommend displaying our products or which products to order, we always encourage the use of one of our Electric Aromatherapy Diffusers and blends in their shop.

 Elä Life Wholesale

When we shop, we are drawn in by our senses - eyes, ears, smell and touch. We see first, we hear music or chatter, we touch the products and we smell. Scent evokes many memories and the purpose of using scent within the retail environment is to create a link between a beautiful natural scent and your retail space so a memory will be created of a positive and enjoyable experience. Every time your customers come back, they will remember the same experience in your shop or retail space.

A wonderful smell makes the shopping experience more welcoming and enjoyable. It increases the quality and quantity of the time a customer spends in a shop, salon or spa. It improves the customer's overall perception of a retail space, the products, brands, your service, quality and care of them.

It’s important to remember that although scent is powerfully evocative, not all fragrance is created equal. For brands that use synthetic fragrance, you get the benefit of smelling the scent, but you don’t get the mood boosting part that essential oils provide. Our fragrances are made using 100% essential oils so you can create the atmosphere you want in your shop. Elä Life Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blends

On our Trade Stand at exhibitions we always use Begin No 1 in our diffusers - our most energising blend. We need to stay awake and alert all day and we really feel the effects of it.

We would recommend using the following essential oil blends within your shop.

If you'd like to know what our scents smell like then we can help. Click here and Request a Scent Pack or enquire about opening a Wholesale Account.

Begin No 1 - great for all day, a firm favourite. This blend draws people in when we use it on our Trade stand and gets them talking - the perfect chance to chat about the products and explain the benefits.

 Elä Life Begin No 1 Essential Oil Blend

Nurture No 2 - this loving and nurturing fragrance is gentle and feminine. The ultimate self love and self care blend. Soothing and calm and an ideal way to show your customers some love.

 Elä Life - Nurture No 2 Essential Oil Blend

Pause No 3 - this mood boosting, uplifting and refreshing blend is great throughout the day, but especially for that afternoon slump when you need a pick me up.

 Elä Life - Pause No 3 Essential Oil Blend

Grounded No 4 - we recommend this fragrance for the colder months when you need a warming fragrance that feels like a great big hug.

 Elä Life - Grounded No 4 Essential Oil Blend

Rest No 5 -  another firm favourite, but be warned, it definitely works and has been known to make us feel sleepy at our desks in the office! So save it for the end of the day when you need to feel calm and are heading home! Depending on the retail space you have, you could use this in a quiet corner of the shop or cafe where customers come in to relax and unwind.

 Elä Life - Rest No 5 Essential Oil Blend

It’s fine to change fragrances within the aromatherapy diffuser on different days, just make sure you wash out the water vessel inside with hot water and a small amount of washing up liquid. Rinse well and wipe dry before refilling.

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