Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser Lamp


Introducing our exquisite electric and ultrasonic diffuser, crafted from a harmonious blend of ceramic and wood. This meticulously designed diffuser not only adds a touch of elegance to your home decor but also emanates a soft, soothing glow that creates an ambiance of tranquility.

Immerse your space in the perfect balance of aromatherapy and moisture with our 100% essential oil blends, effortlessly controlled with the simple touch of a button. The diffuser offers four mist time settings, granting you the freedom to decide how long you want your space to be enveloped in delightful scents: whether it's a continuous mist, a one-hour burst, a three-hour indulgence, or an eight-hour aromatic journey. At the end of each time setting, the diffuser gracefully shuts off automatically, ensuring a worry-free experience.

But that's not all. Our diffuser goes above and beyond to enhance your relaxation. Delighting your senses, the diffuser's light setting gradually ascends and descends, creating a mesmerizing cycle of luminosity. For those seeking a peaceful slumber, the sleep helper mode gently dims the lamp after 30 minutes, allowing you to drift off into a restful sleep without any interruptions. Additionally, the diffuser features a convenient night light setting, independent of the mist and lamp switches, providing a soft glow throughout the night.

Experience the ultimate sensory pleasure with our remarkable diffuser, meticulously designed to elevate your space and create an atmosphere of serenity.

Size: 12.5x12.5cm

How to use:

Place 5-10 drops of one of our aromatherapy 100% essential oil blends to water in the small water tank inside the diffuser. 

Please expect to hear some gentle movement of water similar to a babbling brook, the water is agitated inside the diffuser to create a fine cool mist to disperse the essential oils and water vapour into your room.


Never use synthetic fragrances or perfumes in this diffuser.
Only suitable for pure essential oils made using 100% natural ingredients. 

Follow the instructions provided inside the box before using. 

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