Xiujan Jade Gua Sha and Roller Set


Our Gua Sha and Roller set is made from 100% natural Xiuyan Jade which cools and calms the skin and allows natural detoxification of the lymphatic system. This stone is linked to regeneration & harmonising hormones. 

Gua Sha has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine and translates to mean stroking. Gua Sha stimulates the lymphatic system and helps your skin heal itself.

Hand-crafted from 100% natural Xiuyan Jade, the Facial Roller in our set is as an easy-to-use facial massage tool. It is renowned for helping to reduce the appearance of puffy skin and improve the complexion. The roller is double-ended. Use the larger section to glide over your neck, chin, cheeks and forehead, and use the smaller roller for the delicate area under your eyes.

The Gua Sha in our set is renowned to help tone, firm and stimulate the skin. Perfect for using with your daily skincare, this facial-massage tool allows controlled pressure and hugs the curves of your face and neck to help improve the complexion.

Our set comes beautifully packed in a Kraft box and includes an instruction card and linen bag to safety store your gua sha and roller.

Due to the nature of this stone, colour may vary. Gold coloured metal is also used in our set. 

Roller: 14.4cm long x 5.5cm wide (widest point)
Gua Sha: 8cm long x 5cm wide

How to use:

Before using the roller, apply one of our Facial Oils or Face Creams to keep your skin hydrated. With light pressure, glide the facial roller against the skin, working from your neck and chin towards your cheeks, using upward and outward movements. Repeat each stroke six times to help increase blood flow. Use the smaller roller to massage around your eyes. Place the facial roller in the fridge before use for a cooling sensation and to help reduce puffiness.

Before using the Gua Sha, apply one of our Facial Oils or Face Creams to keep skin hydrated. Using very gentle strokes, glide the Gua Sha up the side of your neck from your collarbone to just underneath your ear to encourage lymphatic drainage. Massage from the centre of your face by your nose outward towards your cheeks, taking care around the eyes. Then, proceed to massage down your chin and gently sweep outwards to your ear and upwards on the forehead.


Increased lymphatic drainage
Decreased inflammation, acne & scarring
Facial muscle tension relief
Decreased fine lines and wrinkles
Lifting and contouring of the skin


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