Aromatherapy Blend Discovery Set

£60 £70

Experience all five of our specially curated aromatherapy fragrances in this Discovery Set designed to guide you through your day. 

Using 100% essential oils, each fragrance has been carefully blended and designed to guide you through your day or week.

Begin No 1, Nurture, No 2, Pause No 3, Grounded No 4 and Rest No 5 provide you with a small bottle of intentional moments where the benefits of essential oils can be enjoyed. Whether you need a moment to feel uplifted, calm, stop, centre yourself or relax, this Discovery Set gives you all these moments in one beautifully packaged box.

Add 5-8 drops of this blend in water in your diffuser and enjoy the benefits as the water steams into the atmosphere of your home. Place a few drops in your shower and allow the blend to permeate your bathroom as you start your day. Ideal for use in our Mila Electric Diffuser. 

Combine with our aromatherapy Candles for added benefits and fragrance.

NOTES: Do not use directly on the skin. Do not use internally. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if pregnant. Consult your doctor if you have other medical conditions.

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