Creating a cosy home with fragrance.

Our home has become so important this year and creating a calm, cosy and restful home has become even more of a priority.

Part of the reason I wanted to create Elä was to add the finishing touch to my home through fragrance and candles. Having designed homewares for ALSO Home for the last 12 years, I've felt for a while, that I wanted to add candles and fragrance into my product range. There are of course many wonderful candle brands already on the market, but with my love of design, product and a clear vision for the look and style I wanted, I couldn't ignore the desire to set about creating my own range of candles. And so, Elä was born. 

With my love of Scandinavia, it seemed fitting to find inspiration from there for this brand. Elä means 'to live' in Finnish. Where ALSO Home is 'to live simply', Elä is 'to live well'. Increasingly over the last few years I have been reminded that we need to tread lightly on the earth and so we have carefully created Elä to do just that. From recycled or recyclable packaging, reusable bottles and plastic free as much as possible, we are thrilled with the look and feel of our new brand.

We have introduced 2 clear ways to add fragrance into your home with Elä. We've become aware more recently that a lot of candles on the market (generally the super cheap ones) are made using paraffin wax. For us, this is a no, no. We have also been reading about the impact of soy on the female body in particular and how it can be a hormone disruptor. We still need to understand this more, but when we discovered a beautiful natural wax that was soy free, we jumped at the chance to use it. Our candles are all made using a natural plant based wax of coconut and rapeseed. So no paraffin and no soy wax for us.

We also felt it was really important to use only 100% essential oils from natural ingredients and no synthetic fragrances. All our candles use our own essential oils blended by hand. So you are only breathing in the good stuff.

Creating a fragrance filled home should start from the moment you wake up. Our range of blends are designed to take you from the moment you wake, to the time you start winding down to sleep and plenty of moments in between.

1. Start your day in your bedroom with our Begin No 1 Aromatherapy blend. An uplifting and invigorating blend of Geranium, Dill Seed, Bay and Bergamot 100% Essential Oils. Blended  to help you wake up and start your day and boost your mood. Fresh and uplifting, this blend will give you energy and a positive mindset for your day ahead. 

Begin No 1 Aromatherapy Blend Ela

Add 5-8 drops of this blend in water in your diffuser and enjoy the benefits as the water steams into the atmosphere of your home. Place a few drops in your shower and allow the blend to permeate your bathroom as you start your day. Ideal for use in our Mila Electric Diffuser. 

Electric Diffuser and Lamp Ela

2. As you move into the day whether you are working or at home, pause and take a moment to stop, reflect and be mindful of where you are, your body, your mind and your surroundings. Light our Pause No 3 Candle and feel transported into the fresh outdoors for an uplifting boost to your mood.

Our Pause No 3 Candle is handmade in the UK in small batches from 100% natural ingredients. Made using our aromatherapy blend of  refreshing Vetivert, Rosewood, Pine Needle and Fir 100% Essential Oils. It is blended by us to help you pause, breathe and feel refreshed. With hints of cut grass, woodland walks and fresh air, this blend will pick you up just when you need it.

Pause No 3 Candle Ela

3. Finish your day in your bathroom by running a bath and enjoying a long soak with the addition of our Rest No 5 Bath Salts. Combining essential oils, epsom and himalayan salts, the beautiful restful and calming essential oils will permeate your bathroom and your home. 

Rest no 5 Bath Salts
Add our Rest No 5 candle and Body Oil as you enjoy your bath to add to the fragrance in your home and create a cosy atmosphere as you unwind and get ready for bed. 

Rest No 5 Candle and Body Oil Ela