Caring for your face during the winter months.

What a year it's been! Never would we have imagined we would have faced a pandemic during 2020, but here we are at the end of the year! We've all come so far and adapted and adjusted pretty well. I've definitely learnt to cut myself some slack and recognise the stress I have felt when our 'normal' had to change. This second lockdown definitely hit me harder than I was expecting and a sense of gloom was overwhelming for the first couple of days. However, once I recognised what was going on, I was able to lift myself out of it.

Taking moments to slow down, be intentional and care for myself have been vital to coping this year.

One way of me doing this is trying to be intentional about my skincare routine at the end of the day. This simple act of self care can often be overlooked and just seen as routine, but it is such an important part of self care each day.

With the use of protective face masks now, I have definitely noticed outbreaks in my skin around my chin, mouth and jaw line. Cleansing and cleaning my skin at the end of the day is now something I can't miss even for a single day. So I wanted to share my simple skincare routine with you.

1. I use our clay cleanser on a reusable skincare pad to get rid of the grime from the day and clean my skin. Place a couple of pumps onto a pad and wipe it all over your face avoiding or being gentle around your delicate eye area. Use the bamboo terry side of the face pad for a gentle exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells.

Rest No 5 Clay Cleanser and Reusable Skincare Pads

2. Run the warm tap and wash the clay cleanser off. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Reusable Skincare Pads Elä

3. Use a couple of pumps of our Nude No 0 Face Oil on a skincare pad and cleanse off your eye make-up. This face oil acts in two ways, to cleanse and also hydrate this delicate eye area. Because it's fragrance free, it doesn't irritate the eye area.

Nude No 0 Fragrance Free Face Oil

4. Finish off with our Rest No 5 Face cream for a nourishing and deeply moisturising cream that will work on hydrating and moisturising your skin as you sleep.

Rest No 5 Face Cream