Self Care In A Crazy World!

In recent years, self care has become an on trend buzz word which we are all aware of. With many books available now such as 'Self Care for the Real World' by Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips and many more, we can't miss the importance of self care.

However, in this year of the pandemic and with supposedly even more time on our hands, it's easy to still see this priority as frivolous. Yet, our mental health depends on us putting ourselves first and carving out time to 'care' for ourselves. As a mum and wife, and instinctive people pleaser, I have felt that to put myself first or prioritise myself is selfish and not what you do. However, as I have reached breaking point a few times over the last 2 years, I now recognise that before I reach that point, I need to pause, take a step back and give myself time. I definitely don't always get this right and still often get closer to the edge than I'd like to admit, but it's about priorities! If we can't honestly value ourselves, prioritise our care like we care for others, then who will?

I've recently prioritised myself every Tuesday morning at 9.30 for an hours counselling session. For the last few years I have felt the need for counselling and even booked sessions only to allow the business and life to get in the way and not continue. After winding down my other business ALSO Home, last year only to see it come back to life, I have realised more than ever that I need to say yes to taking care of myself. My counsellor said to me recently that it's only when we value ourselves that others will value and respect you too. 

My favourite 3 things to care for myself are:-

1. Run a bath and take a long soak! I love sprinkling some Bath Salts in and letting the essential oils and salts relax my mind and muscles. Just the very act or running the bath, choosing the bath salts and allowing my body to submerge in the water is self care. Our Rest No 5 Bath Salts help your mind and body unwind from the day and relax.

Begin No 1 Bath Salts 500ml

2. Light a candle. Even when I'm working there is something about the act of being intentional about lighting a candle that causes me to pause, be mindful and re-focus my mind. Our Pause No 3 candle does just that, allows us to take a moment to pause and reflect, quiet the mind in order to begin again.

3. Use my diffuser. Routine is really important to me and starting my day in an intentional way completely changes my mindset and helps me be more productive during the day. I love to turn on my diffuser in my bedroom first thing when I wake up or when I'm downstairs making breakfast and breathe in the essential oils. Our Begin No 1essential oils are the perfect blend of Geranium, Bergamot, Dill Seed and Bay to uplift and energise you for your day.