How to give your candle pots a new life: tips from the Elä Life team

At Elä we are committed to regenerative living, and to the practice of reusing and recycling as much as possible. Finding innovative ways to give new life to our packaging is something we love to do and we encourage our customers to do the same.


We’ve compiled a list of simple ideas from our team to help you get the most from your candle purchase and consciously tread a little lighter on the earth.

 Turn candle pots into plant pots


Our candle containers are a great size to hold your small houseplants, succulents and herbs, and can tuck into the corner of any room perfectly. Be sure to use a smaller pot with holes inside the candle pot to allow your plants to drain properly.

 Display your best cuttings


Candle holders don’t just make good plant pots, they can also double up as miniature vases. Make a beautiful bunch of flowers go further by putting your favourites into candle pots filled with water and spreading around the house.

Repurpose as a pot for matches.

We love to recycle the candle jar as a pot for your matches. Ideal to keep on hand when lighting your newest candle, add a striker to the back of the pot for quick access and ease of use.


Tidy your dressing table

As well as making a beautiful desk-tidy, candle pots can double up as dressing table storage. Makeup brushes or small items like tweezers and nail scissors are the perfect size for candle pots, or try filling with cotton buds or pads for handy storage in the bathroom.

The ultimate tealight holder


And if you’re not ready to let go of your candle just yet, bring it back to life by using the old candle pot as a tealight holder. Create the perfect atmosphere by using more than one and placing around the room.


To build up your collection of potential new pots, see our full range of candles and fragrances here.