Using natural scents around your home.

Using natural scents around your home.


Aromatherapy is an ancient art form that harnesses some of nature’s most powerful elements to help improve health and well-being. The age-old practice of using essential oils for their mood enhancing properties is now often used to help create a sense of balance in living spaces, and helped to inspire many of the things we do at Elä Life.


Our range of aromatherapy products has been specifically designed to support key moments throughout your day and various areas of your home. Each blend has been carefully crafted to not only encourage daily rituals and create cosy corners of your living space, but they are also there to help you reap the mood-boosting benefits of the essential oils.


How to use essential oils around the home


We’ve put together some easy ways you can introduce our blends into your home to fill it with beautiful aromas and create achievable rituals to ground you during the day.


  • In the shower – Our Begin range has been designed to boost your mood first thing in the morning, giving you energy and a positive mindset for the day ahead. Try it in your diffuser as soon as you wake up, or use the body wash in the shower to start the day off in the right way.


  • At the sink – Our Nurture range is perfect for those self care moments when you need to nurture and nourish your mind and body. Place our Nurture hand soap and lotion by the sink to make even the most simple moments special.


  • At your desk – The refreshing fragrance of our Pause blend will transport you outside to scents of fresh cut grass, woodland walks and fresh air. Take a moment in the middle of your work day to light the Pause candle and give yourself time to pause, breathe and feel refreshed.


  • In the nook – Our Grounded range conjures up the smells of rustic autumn and is designed to help you relieve daily tension. Try the Grounded candle or diffuser when you curl up in the corner to read your book to feel both grounded and centred.


  • By the bed Rest is our most calming combination and is guaranteed to bring peace and balance to the end of your day. Use the diffuser throughout the whole house to help everyone wind down, light the candle on your bedside for a relaxed night sleep or use the bath salts or body oil for when you need to seriously decompress.


No matter where we are in the house, each time we stop, pause and reflect, we are focusing the mind, renewing the body and giving ourselves permission to take a moment for ourselves. If you would like to know more about aromatherapy, essential oils and our range of products, read our guide here.