Our guide to the ideal daily skincare routine.

We have developed a range of skincare that combines simplicity with the best quality ingredients. In order to help you easily introduce these products into your life, and get the best out of each carefully crafted blend, we have created our essential guide to the ideal daily skincare routine. Follow these simple steps, and feel the benefits fast.

 Elä Life Nude No 0 Face Oil



Carefully place two pumps of Nude No 0 Clay Cleanser onto a reusable skincare pad and wipe over face and neck. Massage thoroughly into your skin in a circular motion, allowing the cotton pad to gently exfoliate your skin. Use warm water to remove the cleanser from your skin, and finish by splashing a little cold water onto your face to close the pores.

Rest no 5 Clay Cleanser


While the skin is still damp, apply 2 - 3 drops of Nude No 0 Face Oil or Nurture No 2 Face Oil to the face and neck.



Repeat the morning cleanse by applying two pumps of Rest No 5 Clay Cleanser to a reusable cotton pad and massaging into your face and neck. If you are wearing heavy make-up you may wish to double cleanse to ensure you remove all residue.

Elä Life Nude No 0 Face Oil


Again, repeat the morning step by applying 2 - 3 drops of Rest No 5 Face Oil to your face and neck while your face is still damp. Once the oil has fully absorbed into your skin, apply a small amount of Rest No 5 Face Cream into your face and neck and massage in an upwards motion.

We like to add a second moisturising step in the evening by applying Nurture No 2 or Rest No 5 Face Cream on after applying our face oil. This extra moisturising step allows your skin to full regenerate while you sleep.

Elä Life Rest No 5 Face Oil

Once a week

Face mask

Add 2 - 3 spatula scoops of your Clay Mask into the bamboo bowl and combine with enough water to make a thick paste). Using clean hands apply the paste to your face (avoiding the delicate mouth and eye areas) and leave to dry. When you’re ready to remove the face mask, simply wipe using warm water and a clean face cloth and pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Elä Life Nude No 0 Green Tea Face Mask

You can also use a small amount of this paste throughout the week on spots or breakouts if necessary. Simply cover the spot with the paste and leave overnight before rinsing off in the morning. Follow your face mask with face oil and face cream as instructed above.

It is important to remember that you know your skin better than anyone, so do modify these steps to suit you, your needs and your routine.