Selfcare and Skincare During the Winter Months

As we bring another year to a close, I wanted to provide you with some tips for selfcare and skincare during the winter months. 


Head outside, really.
Even during the colder months, taking opportunities to get outside, open windows and doors and breath in fresh air is essential. With central heating and wood fires being super cosy, it's important to wake up our senses with regular moments outside. Take a walk, open a window and breath deeply, play in the snow (if we get some!) and take in nature all around us.

Keep a gratitude journal.
Take a moment to pause and reflect on the year as it comes to a close. List the things you are grateful for, the things you'd like to improve on for next year and the things you are looking forward to.

Hydrate your body.
Water, Water, Water! We don't need to say any more than that!

Treat yourself.
Buy yourself a Christmas treat. It doesn't have to be a physical treat, but could be a spa experience, a lunch date with a friend, a night at the theatre. 

Let there be light.
Open curtains and blinds, let the light in, head outside during the day and let the beautiful daylight filter into your very core. Light a candle, get cosy and relax. 

Move your body.
Start now. It can be gentle movement during the winter months that help us prepare for Spring and help us start good habits now. Our bodies were designed to move so don't stay still. Take a walk, do some stretching or some strength training. 

Take a bubble bath.
Run a bath and add bath salts or bubble bath, let the water take away any stress and close your eyes and switch off.

Slow down.
Embrace the slower pace of life during the Winter. Hibernate if you need to. Take a book to bed early and snuggle up under the duvet. take coffee back to bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Pause, reflect and rest. 



Keep the moisture you have. 
If you normally use a lighter moisturising or face oil during Spring and Summer, take the chance in the Winter to use a deeper more nourishing moisturiser to keep the moisture you have in your skin. Central heating can be drying so use a night cream and intense moisturising while you are sleeping and allow your skin to regenerate.

Add moisture from the inside out.
Dehydration can catch us out during winter, but central heating can be very drying so keep drinking plenty of water. 

Add moisture to your home.
Use an aromatherapy diffuser to add moisture and essential oils to your home environment to help counteract the drying central heating. 

Don't forget sunscreen.
Even in the Winter months it's important to use sunscreen.

Keep Cleansing.
Taking care of your kin starts with cleansing. Use a lighter oil base cleanser in the mornings but our Clay Cleanser in the evenings. If you are wearing a lot of make-up, use our face oil as a nourishing cleanser to remove heavy make-up around the eyes or on the face.