The Importance of Rhythms and Rituals

Have you ever known someone who meditates every night before they go to sleep? You may be thinking to yourself how wonderful and healthy a habit that is. If only you had that kind of motivation! The truth is, that daily ritual doesn’t stem from motivation - it stems from habit.


Having daily rituals lets you do the things you want even if your motivation is slightly faltering. When you get into a rhythm and routine, you’re more likely to continue doing things that set your soul on fire because they’ve become so commonplace. 

It’s important to understand that rhythm and routine are very different from controlled scheduling. Rhythms should free you from stress, not cause it. They should be little moments of self care that you do because you know they benefit you. Simple moments like removing your make-up at bed time, washing your face in the morning, journaling, movement and having a good breakfast. All these little moments set you up for a positive start to the day and a positive mindset. Here’s how building rhythms and rituals into our days can benefit us.


They increase productivity

Think about daily habits that you already have. Maybe this includes brushing your teeth when you wake up in the morning or getting yourself a glass of water before you go to bed. Since you do these straightforward tasks every day, they probably don’t feel as overwhelming as starting something new.

The more you do something, the more it becomes a habit. While it might feel like a struggle for the first couple of weeks, it will eventually become second nature and part of your daily rhythm and ritual.

This, in turn, fuels productivity and helps you get things done in a calm and relaxed manner. Habits don’t mean that you have to schedule every last minute of your day. They just help you lead the life you want. If you find yourself feeling stressed, simply dial it back until you find a rhythm that works for you and your spirit. Listen to your body. Find what works for you.


They help form a conscious connection to the self and body

When you start creating rituals that heal your mind, body and spirit in your everyday life, you deepen the connection you have with yourself. Maybe you want to create a ritual where you check in with yourself every morning or maybe you want to spend time doing something that nourishes your soul every other day. When you find a rhythm and flow that works for you, you’re able to do more of what makes you happy.

These rituals aren’t meant to hold you back. They’re meant to set you free! Build rituals in response to your wants and needs. Sure, you can flex and flow when you need to. But try to remember why you incorporated these rituals into your life in the first place.

The importance of rhythms and rituals

Rhythms and rituals let you prioritise the most important person of all, yourself. When you listen to your mind and your body, you’ll be able to find a flow that works for you.