The Joy Of Gathering with Friends in Autumm

After enjoying a scorching hot summer, most of us are looking forward to a season filled with cuddly jumpers, hot cups of tea and time spent with loved ones. There’s nothing quite like the magic of Autumn. It provides people with a sense of nostalgia and renewed optimism all alongside an incredible backdrop of flourishing colour and changing leaves.

As the sun starts to set earlier each night, now’s the time to host your loved ones for an evening filled with joy, comfort and yummy dishes. But how can you provide your friends with an environment that’s reflective of all the happiness and joy you have when spending time together?

Provide yummy treats


Whether you’re hosting friends for a big dinner or just a cup of coffee, nothing brings people together quite like food - especially during the Autumn months. Consider cooking them a warm and hearty meal to help heat them up after a fresh day spent outside or try your hand at baking and use autumnal spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to really bring the mood together.

Remember the power of scent

Everyone knows the magic that comes with walking into a home that smells like an Autumn dream. Set the mood for your friends with natural and cleansing candles that reflect the joy and wonder that comes with this transformative season. Just make sure you only use candles made with 100% natural ingredients to avoid triggering any of your loved ones’ allergies.

Our warming autumnal scent is Grounded No 4, the perfect mix of essential oils to warm a room and feel like your'e being hugged. 

The joy of gathering with friends in Autumn.


Spending time with friends helps improve your mood and reduces stress. So why not get your favourite people together over a cosy dinner and gorgeous scents that make everyone feel at home? This is the perfect way to spend time with people you care about the most after a gorgeous Autumn day. To set the scene for your fun day ahead, shop our collection for all of our 100% natural and vegan candles.